Electronic Museum of Advanced/Alternative/... Contemporary Art. World's finest online modern art museum. Photography, paintings, modern art, contemporary architecture, sound, light and productdesign, interiordesign. Sculpture and contemporary modern alternative advanced art. I was born in France in 1970. I soon as I discovered computers, I was hooked. I started with programming and bitmap graphics on 2D videogames. I spent four years working as a freelance videogame developper. Then I focused on art. I lived for 2 years in Canada before coming back to France. My goal is to touch a large audience with my artwork, not just the digial arts community. I try to convey a sense of retro feel to my pictures. I like to work on light and composition to convey a sense of cinematic experience to people. line, Various Works, Stéphane Belin. http://www.stephanebelin.com
Stéphane Belin

They Came From L.A.!
A Day Passes By
Leaving the Fifties

The Silent Line

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